Pricing Info

The factors that determine how much records are worth include the condition of the records, the desirability of music on the records, and how common or rare records are. Many records, unfortunately, hardly have any value, but the right records in good condition can be worth quite a bit. Most collections tend to have a mix of records of various values. Krony’s is always happy to check out your collection, point out these factors that determine the value of your collection, and quote you cash price for them. Text, call, or email us for a free consultation.

Records are worth more if….

  • A collection is well-kept, with many records that have no scratches/scuffs and may even still have some of the gloss of a new record. Dust and fingerprints can be cleaned off. Scratches destroy records and the value of records. Covers in good shape also increases the value of records.
  • The records contain music that is desirable. Some older music is still very popular, so people still want to buy records with this music on it. These genre’s include heavy metal/hard rock, 90’s music, “bop” style jazz (Miles Davis, Coltrane), punk rock, rap/hip hop albums, old soul, classic rock, 80’s synth pop and alternative, funk and R&B.
  • The collection includes rare records. Some older records have not been repressed, so that only way you can find them is by finding the original. If there are not many copies available, the record will be worth more.

At Krony’s, we pay a PREMIUM for heavy metal, punk, alternative rock, 90’s, hip-hop, and bop-jazz collections in GREAT SHAPE

Records are worth less if….

  • The records are scratched, scuffed or show wear. Like a car, records have a life span. Mishandling of the records decreases it.
  • The records contain music that is no longer popular or desirable. Many artists that were quite popular years ago made music that people generally are not looking for today. When people don’t want to buy records because they don’t enjoy the music on it, the records are less valuable. Some of the genre’s of music that are common to find in records, but are less in demand include: 40’s-50’s pop vocals, polka, classical music, big band jazz, soft rock (Manilow, Streisand, Neil Diamond), older country music, and older show tunes.
  • 78’s and 45’s usually have less value than 33rpm albums but there are exceptions.
Often times, if you have a collection with little value that you just need to get rid of, Krony’s can haul it away at no charge

Krony’s, like typical record shops advertise, tries to get as close as possible to giving you 25% of what we believe records will eventually sell for. On select, high value/high demand items we may be able to offer up to 33%. While 25% is a low percent, keep in mind that resellers incur taxes and various expenses in order to sell the records they purchase as collections, and that it takes quite a bit of time to sell records individually.

With Krony’s, you have cash in hand for your whole collection fast.